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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Ethical Breeders List website where prospective families can, "find breeders whose values align with theirs".


Advocating for the cats and kittens that give us so much unconditional joy, love, and comfort, is a labor of love for us. 


It is also a work in progress! We hope you will see our hearts and vision and be patient as we work towards our goals!


Our specific purpose is to better conditions for breeding cats by creating awareness and raising standards/ expectations of care for cats in the minds of the adoptive families. 


Transparency in breeding and cattery management practices will provide families an opportunity to get to know what measures each Ambassador cattery employs to ensure the well-being of their cats and kittens and the adopters.

Details of the follow will be made available:

  • Testing

  • Housing

  • Healthcare

  • Nutrition

  • Socialization

Please return often to see our progress on this website but if you are looking for a kitten do not hesitate to ask any questions or contact the current list of Ethical Breeders!

They all are happy to help! 

The current list only showcases RagaMuffin breeders and their available RagaMuffin Kittens but we will add other breeds very soon.

Ethical Breeders Near Me

If you are looking to add a new kitten to your family, and want to find a breeder that cares for kittens and adoptive families the way you think they should, then check this list of vetted breeders and choose one with values that align with yours.


Ragamania RagaMuffins 
Josée Rodrigue 
(click above to see available RagaMuffin kittens)
United Kingdom
Purtasticmuffins RagaMuffins 
Pete & Darlene Francis 
(click above to see available RagaMuffin kittens)
Keepsake Kats
Sylvia Smart 
(click above to see available RagaMuffin kittens)
Boutique RagaMuffins 
Chantel Aimée-Wolkins 
(click above to see available RagaMuffin kittens)
Heavenly Muffins
Lisa Rowe
(click above to see available RagaMuffin kittens)
Jazzy Rags Ragamuffins 
Wanda Grass
(click above to see available RagaMuffin kittens)
Muffin Mafia 
Karen Morales
(click above to see available RagaMuffin kittens)
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