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About Me

My name is Darlene Francis and my husband Pete &  I run our cattery called Purtasticmuffins RagaMuffins in the south eastern part of England.


I have been breeding Ragamuffins for coming on 12 years as of September 2022. My foundation cat was Catsamorie Sweet Chloe who we bought as I had just moved to England from Canada and having left my 3 cats with my daughter I really missed living with a cat. I did some research and learned about this wonderful breed called RagaMuffins and the rest is history. So 12 years later I have now raised several litters in my home and have enjoyed every moment of it. To me my favorite part is seeing the bright smiles on the adopters face when they come to collect their kitten.


Several of my kittens are now in various countries worldwide and are adored by their owners. Some have gone on to become Grand Champions and Silver and Bronze winners in their respective areas on the show bench.


I pride myself in raising the healthiest kittens and provide all the necessary vaccinations, worming, fleaing, microchipping and of course health checks from my vet. Our kittens remain with us until they are 13 weeks of age. It is extremely hard seeing them leave, but knowing they are going to families that will love them is very rewarding and eases the loss. If you are interested in purchasing a Purtasticmuffins RagaMuffin please contact me at Feel free to check out our website at


We hope to hear from you.

Pete and Darlene

Pete & Darlene Francis

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