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About Me

For decades our family loved, bred, and cared for animals of all kinds on our farm.

Animals are also the center of our nonprofit organization that provides animal assisted activities with therapeutic benefits to kids with Special Needs.

Currently, we are taking a break from farm life while I attend graduate school to expand my abilities to serve my students.

After graduation we will purchase another property and resume activities with the horses, goats, rabbits, chickens etc.

But for now, our students enjoy classes and activities with our amazing MUFFINS!
Kitten Therapy is REAL!!

We were introduced to the RagaMuffin because Zander, my youngest son, had a successful dog sitting and training business and in between reservations, worked to Rehab dogs and cats for local rescues.

He felt drained and thought a cat of his own would help refuel him in between projects.

We looked for a cat that check all the boxes in every shelter in the Valley of the Sun for 7 consecutive weekends and finally he searched google for what characteristics he was looking and found RAGAMUFFINS!

Within 24 hours of him bringing his new kitten home I called the breeder to get one of my own.

As many kittens ans cats as we fostered over the years, these were SO different.

We fell in love with the breed so much that we not only included them in our programs, but after seeing the effect of that their calm, affectionate  temperment had on our kids, we were inspired to become breeders.

Boutique RagaMuffins WAS BORN!!

Chantel Aimée-Wolkins

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